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Andrew Gale Tree Consultancy
Offering a range of consultancy services from a simple, visual assessment of your tree stock to a more in-depth assessment using the most modern, hi-tech decay evaluation equipment.
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At Gale Tree Consultancy we believe in giving our clients the very best advice possible in relation to the management of their trees and having been involved within the arboricultural industry since 1996, this is what we do.


We offer a range of consultancy services from a simple, visual assessment of your tree stock to a more in-depth assessment using the most modern, hi-tech decay evaluation equipment.


We can also work with architects and developers in the production of a BS5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Arboricultural Method Statement to help integrate trees into the built environment and buildings into the treed environment.

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PiCUS Sonic Tomography

By inducing sound waves across the stem of a tree and measuring how fast the sound waves reach corresponding sensors, an internal picture of any decay or hollowing that may be present can be achieved.


The tomogram produced not only creates an image of the decay or hollowing but also the extent. The findings are then presented in a written report along with any remedial action that may be necessary. The PiCUS unit can also be used at height to assess the condition of the stem not accessible from the ground.

PiCUS Electrical Impedance Tomograph

By sending an electrical current from one sensor its neighbouring sensors, the EIT can detect changes in the wood composition that sonic tomography might not be able to such as wet wood.


In conjunction with the PiCUS Sonic Tomography unit, we can produce an even more accurate analysis of the tree which will aid management options available.

IML Resi PD400 Microdrill

Using a 400mm long fine drill bit, the Resi PD400 measures the resistance of the drill bit against the timber, the more resistance the drill encounters, the more sound the timber and conversely, the lesser the resistance, the less sound the timber.


The resultant drill trace is described as a graph detailing when and where, in terms of depth, that the drill encountered any defects.


The Resi PD400 can be used at ground level or at height and is a great accompaniment to the PiCUS Sonic Tomography and Electrical Impedance tomography units.

Micro Hammer

The system does not produce a tomogram, instead the information is produced as a number and compared against known quantities for the tree species. The system is quick and easy to install making it an excellent choice prior to the progression onto the more complex forms of decay evaluation.

Visual Tree Assessment

A visual tree assessment (VTA) is simply that, from ground level we look at your tree or trees and assess them for any defects or hazards that may compromise their life expectancy or potentially cause harm. We then produce a written report detailing the findings and any remedial work necessary. 

Large numbers of trees can be assessed and plotted onto a site plan for ease of location; qualified to Professional Tree Inspection and ISA TRAQ standards, your trees will be in good hands.

Aerial Visual Tree Assessment

The tree or trees are climbed and an aerial assessment performed on those parts of the tree either not visible from the ground or that require a more in-depth inspection.


Examples of the need to perform and aerial inspection could be to assess the depth and condition of a cavity, the assessment of Massaria disease Splanchnonema platini (formerly known as Massaria disease) on London plane trees or to assess the condition of bracing installed within the crown.

BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition, and construction – Recommendations

At Gale Tree Consultancy, we can offer advice from the outset regarding trees in relation to a new development with an initial site visit and discussion following on to the survey of the trees on site and those located off site that may impact on the proposed development. We can produce the Arboricultural Impact Assessment required to evaluate the direct and indirect effects of the proposed design of the development to the trees on site and where applicable, recommend mitigation options.


From there, the Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Method Statement can be produced to aid the developer in their implementation of the protection of the trees. Our involvement need not stop there as we can also act as the liaison between you and the local planning authority and help with any other queries that may arise during the course of the build.

Soil Pick

The Soil Pick is a selective excavator, selective in the sense that it fractures, pulverizes, and displaces porous and semi-porous soil yet leaves non-porous objects unaffected.


It uses range from the amelioration of compacted soils through to the inspection of buried roots for decay; it can even be used for the excavation of buried utility cables and pipes.


For further information on any of the services offered by Gale Tree Consultancy, please contact us at the address below or call us on: 01798 875731

34, Carpenters Meadow, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2HQ

Alternatively, you can email us at:

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